Someone Returned My Bottle (But Not the Juice)

It only took about 1.5 days for my bottle to be returned and I was actually surprised to see it at all. I went into the breakroom at around 1:30pm to heat up part 2 of my lunch (yes, my lunch has parts) and saw the bottle sitting on top of the flyer on the counter.  The juice was not in it and the bottle had been washed.

In return for my bottle, I put the reward as promised: one pack of sausage.


I’m going to let this one slide because of many possible reasons:

1. Someone could have had really low blood sugar and was on the brink of dying (I imagine that person doing a slow crawl on the floor towards the fridge in a last attempt to save his/her life)
2. Someone went to the exact ziplining company in Maui and mistook my bottle for theirs
3. Someone is blind and thought my juice was one that he/she had made (I did use a pretty generic recipe)

Now I just have to figure out how to sanitize this sucker.

Terry:  heh, lannisters always pay their debt
me:  what u calling me

Someone Returned My Bottle (But Not the Juice)

Someone Stole My Juice

Can you believe someone at work had the nerve to steal my bottle with my precious juice inside?  Like stealing liquid gold.  I put this sign up on the fridge but with my coworker’s cube (he’s out on vacation) so that people cannot trace it directly back to me.

missing bottle

My outrage is perfectly captured by Ross:

Someone Stole My Juice