China Aunty is Back

I can’t believe it has been two years since I first met and last blogged about my dad’s friends from Guangzhou.  This time around, it’s just the wife who is back and I knew there would be two pressing matters on her mind:

1. Why did you move out of your dad’s house?

2. When are you getting pregnant? 

Of course my responses were lies because you can’t tell the truth to Asians and especially if you cannot fully explain the truth in their native tongue.

My responses?

1. Because it’s closer to work

2. Sometime 

The sweet thing is that she brought me a bunch of clothes and peanuts (symbolizes fertility) which no one has done for me since before my mom was sick (10 years ago).  The not so sweet thing is that they’re totally not my style, except for maybe #1.  For some reason, clothes from China smell like… China.  Our room smelled so much like moth balls only after a couple hours that I had to excavate the clothes from there and light a candle.  I thought I’d do a fashion show for you guys.  Apologies for the poor lighting and green background; our wall colors are straight up ugly.

IMG_20140710_213450 IMG_20140710_213821 IMG_20140710_213941 IMG_20140710_214101 IMG_20140710_214235

Before you say “that polka shirt is not bad!”, please note that they are little cat heads.


To show my appreciation, I will wear one of the items when I see her next.  Which one should it be?

China Aunty is Back