Wednesday Night Selfies

photo 5
Marlow – you can never see his pupils in pictures for some reason
photo 4
Titan – my 43 year old baby
photo 1
Marlow either looks REALLY cute or REALLY like a doofus


Wednesday Night Selfies

6 Years Ago, I…

…adopted a DOG on 4/29/07. His name is Titan.  Look how far we’ve come!

Left: December 2007 / Right: January 2013
Left: December 2007 / Right: January 2013

Titan has made my family’s life so much better.  It’s almost weird to think back when we didn’t have him… it must’ve been so lonely. I actually looked back to a conversation I had with a friend the day after I adopted Titan and I said things like “he’s so needy” and “he won’t stop following me around.”  I sounded so annoyed and angry (kind of like how I do with Marlow now except it has been over a year).  But now I’ve realized that those are the best parts of him.  He is one of the most intuitive and loving dogs I know.  I don’t know HOW he knows some things but he just does.  He would protect my mom against one of her meaner caretakers.  He would go to my dad’s room to spend time with him even though I know I’m his #1.  He is protective of small animals and wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Sometimes he gets so attached to some dogs that he’ll just follow them around and then when they stop, he’ll sit and wag his tail.  He would also get in the middle of dog scuffles to stop it–it was so funny that people who saw would call him a little police dog.  I also remember when a bunch of my friends and I hung out at a dog park… my friend’s baby would pull at Titan’s hair and hit him but Titan just sat there, all happy.  He is a tender warrior.

I have so many memories with Titan that I can go on and on and on.  But all I know is that he was truly a God-send, especially to my mom who needed a companion the most during the days where she became immobile and had to stay home all day.  And to my dad who is a bit lonely without my mom now.  And to me as a support as I’ve gone through so many obstacles with my family.  When Terry and I first got married and Titan stayed with my dad, I actually cried (yes, vulnerable moment here… barf) because I was so sad that Titan would be home alone all night while my dad was working the graveyard shift or that he would be bored during the day when my dad would be sleeping.  We would go over to his house on Monday nights for dinner and Titan would just stand at the open doorway and watch us get in the car and drive away.  Damn it; too many feels.  He knew where his job was and at that time, it was with my dad.  But now we are living back at home now and he is all mine!!! ALL MINE!

Sometimes I don’t know if I’ve given Titan as much as he has to us so I’ll just keep walking him.  Dogs love walks.

titan 040613
Titan at his annual check up on 04/06/13.

If you would like to get your hands on something as adorable as Titan, I recommend looking on Craigslist or your local rescue/shelter (via too).  Don’t only judge by pictures.  If you have an inkling about a dog, meet him/her in person!  Titan’s adoption photo was blurry and I thought he looked okay but look how handsome he turned out to be.

6 Years Ago, I…

Before and After Haircuts

My two boos recently got haircuts (as they do every 1.5 months).  Like most humans, their initial haircuts made them look real ugly.

Titan goes from being burly, handsome man to squinting dummy who doesn’t get out of the light because he just wants to keep looking at me.

titan before

Close up of his face.  I laugh every time I look at it.

titan haircut

Marlow goes from being fluffy, confused child to straight-up nervous nerd.  Looks like he’s wearing fur boots.

marlow before

You think bandanas help with the ugly?

Things have been stressful with Marlow in the past couple weeks.  Typically, when I drive home I park in the garage.  Marlow will peek his head out the dog door and watch me pull in and Titan will just stay inside.  But this time, there was a man walking his dog so they both bolted out to play with him.  Titan was friendly as usual but Marlow came at him too fast so the dog got defensive and they got into a scuffle.  The owner was super pissed at me and kept telling me to keep my dogs under control and to discipline them.  Don’t you think I WANT to do that?  Accidents happen.  His dog did shed a little blood and he said he would take the dog to the vet and then “we’ll see what happens.”  He hasn’t come back yet so I’m assuming it was very minor.

I was so stressed out that I wanted to give that damn dog up for adoption ASAP.  But I have to remind myself that I may have kids who will be just as annoying (and they’ll be able to talk too) and I won’t be able to bring them to the local shelter.  The precaution we take for escaping dogs is that my dad will close the dog door before I get home.  The precaution we take for annoying kids is birth control.  Problems solved… for now.

Before and After Haircuts

The other day…

Me: Dad, do you know what the white dog’s name is?
Dad: Terry?
Terry: …

Speaking of Marlow and Terry, they love each other very much.  Marlow is very clearly Terry’s dog.  Terry feels more of a connection with M because he was more involved in his adoption process and lived with him from day 1.  It’s okay, parents each have their faves.

Terry is so happy to adopt Marlow!
Marlow and Terry during cuddle time.
Marlow relaxin’ while Terry’s workin’.
Marlow wants the sugar in Terry’s mouth.
M’s fur used to be so dark.
Our gigantic, white, fluffy baby.
The other day…

Oh boy oh boy!

Who knew I would be SO tired after just 1 day of working? Yesterday I was driving home like a disillusioned zombie (one could argue zombies are already like that but I think it depends on the movie you are watching). Terry started playing Starcraft at 10pm but said he would be done by 10:40pm so we could un-wind and hang out together before going to bed. I couldn’t even stay awake for that long and knocked out by 10:30pm, the earliest I have slept in YEARS.

On the bright side, there have been little perks so far.  The first day my coworker gave me a cookbook. The second day he gave me some bacon that a vendor mistakenly sent to our location.

What do I miss most so far about not working? Surprisingly, being able to take the dogs on their long walk in the early, quiet morning.  A tired dog is a happy dog and I like seeing them tired.  My dad isn’t strong enough to walk both of them at the same time so he has been alternating between dogs each day.

After a long walk.
Oh boy oh boy!

First comes marriage, then comes… dog.

What’s the first thing we decided to do after getting married?  We had a baby.  His name is Marlow.  I already had a son from my previous life as a single mom but Terry has been a wonderful step-father to Titan.  Still, we decided to have one birthed from our own loins.

Happy dad.

Unfortunately, he has 2nd child syndrome and we (or mainly I) even treat him that way.  He shys away from people easily, he tries to eat babies, he barfs and drools a LOT, he has tried to eat dog poo (not his own), and he knows no boundaries.  Perhaps that’s all a part of being a puppy or a possibly “traumatic” background but at this rate, he has a long ways to go to catch up to my almost perfect Titan.  Below are some of his different personalities:

Muppet Marlow.
Car Marlow.
Destructive Marlow.
Haircut Marlow.
Sleeping Marlow.
Technology Marlow.
First comes marriage, then comes… dog.