About Us

It’s true.

It’s a strange world out there.  So it’s nice to have someone to navigate it with.  Terry and I are two married buds living in the Bay Area with our family of each other and two animals.  Dogs to be exact.  A Tibetan terrier and shih-poo to be more exact.  I know some of you cynics may not consider dogs as real “kids” but they have tested our patience in ways probably similar to people who have human children.  We’re talking barfing, pooing, getting sprayed by a skunk (which is equivalent to something nasty that happens to kids I’m sure), fighting, disobedience, talking back.  Just kidding about that last one.

both dogs
Titan and Marlow

I started this blog a month after we got married back in September of 2011 to document our lives for I don’t know whose sake.  My own?  There are so many small but funny moments that I don’t want to forget (see Chats).  There are also some painful life experiences that I suppose I should share to make you feel, no… to make you know that life and marriage isn’t all kisses and puppies.  Writing is really my avenue and photography is Terry’s so we will try to incorporate both.  Heck, I will even force him to guest write some posts.  He keeps saying he’s an “awful writer” but he wrote me a 3-page long letter when he proposed.  What normal person who isn’t bursting at the emotional seams with words does that?

So here we are.  For your reading pleasure.  I hope.


A little FAQ:

Where did you guys grow up?
T: Colorado
S: Bay Area

What is your background?
T: Korean
S: Chinese (mom grew up in Burma though)

T: Snowboarding, photography, mountain biking
S: Reading, writing, arithmetic

Who is funnier?
T: I’m mainstream funny
S: I’m niche

Where did you guys go to school?

What do you do for work?
T: Customer service manager at an online education startup
S: I hate this question but I work for a food brokerage firm


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