Terry’s Dream Car is now a Reality Car

Me: If Mustangs are muscle cars, what are Evos?
Terry: Japanese goodness.


Terry has literally been talking about this vehicle for as long as I’ve known him and that is over 10 years.  Evos didn’t come to the states until 2003 so he was talking about it even more by then.  We only seriously considered buying this car recently because we wanted to be free of any looming debts before doing so.  It is our first big purchase together and compared to our friends, we are a little later in the game as most of them have houses already.  But it’s okay!  We are happy to have gotten to this point.

Honestly, I could do without a luxury or higher end car for the remainder of my life.  My 2003 Corolla has served me faithfully all these years at a fraction of the cost of other cars and even at 193k miles, it’s still puttering strong.  But I know cars is a passion for Terry so it was a process for me to learn to accept that.  But now that I have let him purchase it, he cannot ask me for anything for the next ten years.

The buying process lasted FIVE HOURS and it was pretty awful in terms of trickery, fulfilling the negative stereotype that car dealerships have.  I will not go into detail here but I will update the blog post with a link of my review of the dealership when I’m done.

Terry’s Dream Car is now a Reality Car

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