New Years Resolution: Mid-Year Update

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” (Unknown)

Do you ever make New Years Resolutions only to forget them after 1 month?  Luckily, one of mine have stuck with me even until now… 6 months into the year!

To rehash, my goal was to BE AWARE OF MY PURCHASES by:

1. Buying less often but if so, buying better quality.
2. Saving for things that are worth it instead of satisfying an impulse.
3. Using all of my current Groupons, in an effort to not waste what I have purchased.

Update on these things?

1. In an effort to properly purge my closet and only refill it with quality items, I am keeping tabs of everything that I am both selling AND buying this year (I will publish these lists at the end of the year!).  So far, I have sold 2x as much as I have bought.  Unfortunately, the new purchases consist of both good and bad quality.  My definition of quality has also changed in the past 6 months.  In the beginning of the year, I defined “quality” as something as I could wear for 5 years while staying relatively in style (this would require me to buy classic pieces) and would withstand all my abuse.  But now, “quality” also includes products produced by people with living wages and/or locally produced (the latter mostly implies the former) and using sustainable or recyclable materials.  Anyone who is familiar with the current state of the fashion world knows this is a harder feat than finding a needle in a haystack.  Just give me the haystack, people.

2. I’m still mostly disappointed that my new purchases aren’t that much better than the stuff I’m selling.  Seeing it listed all on paper does show me that the current season and events can dictate my shopping habits.  I purchased new dresses for upcoming bachelorette parties, weddings, etc.  and while I could have borrowed, it seemed easier for me to just fork out the $20 during my lunch break to the mall.  There are so many things wrong with this statement.  However, my one happy purchase was a vintage Coach Court bag from the ’80s (I figured this out by the unique serial # inside) that I purchased via Ebay.  It is the softest leather I have ever felt and I even purchased a bunch of leather/brass cleaning supplies to restore it and keep it in great condition.  Getting this one good item has opened my eyes to the goodies that I can still find out there.  Too bad vintage is getting increasingly popular.

3. I had four unused Groupons at the beginning of the year:

a) ClubSport gym – The contact at the gym literally laughed me when I called to ask how I could redeem the purchased amount.  It’s still siting there but I may qualify for some Groupon claim which is still pending.
b) $40 bread workshop – I can either use the $40 towards a $80 class or use the $40 to buy bread/flour from their shop in SF.  I haven’t made it out there yet but flour is $1/lb. so I may just buy 40 lbs. of flour and give it away for Christmas.  I have not purchased any new ones since.
c) Yoga package – $30 for 10 classes but I only went twice.  I still made my money’s worth since each drop-in class is $20.
d) VHS to DVD transfer – Done!  It feels great to preserve our childhood home videos.  I love watching my younger self.

I just finished Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline and I highly recommend that everyone reads it.  Sure, you will feel helpless afterwards and incredibly depressed at how you’re contributing to things like factory fires and collapses.  But I feel like just as we are now more aware of the slow food movement and eating locally, we can make our way to doing that with fashion.  Otherwise the world will collapse and end up in shambles.  Think of Wall-E as a crystal ball into the future.

New Years Resolution: Mid-Year Update

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