Sagittarius + Pisces = Love Match?

For some reason, I love reading about astrology and zodiacs.  Terry thinks it’s silly when I get really into it but I just want to know what people say.  It’s not like I check my daily horoscope and let it dictate my day– am I happy or sad? What kind love (frisky? puppy? disgusting?) will come my way?  At my first job, there was a guy who was REALLY into astrology and knew immediately I was a Sagittarius.  When I asked him why, he said he could sense the inner fieriness in me.  It’s up to the people who know me to determine if that’s true.

Here are some characteristics for both our zodiacs:

Sagittarius (Fire Sign) – Shannon

  • Optimistic (If this is true, it is masked underneath thick layers of sarcasm.)
  • Independent (I’m also the oldest child in my family so that could also be why.)
  • Unemotional — they do not like to talk about their feelings, they simply experience them and move on. (I’m also a ISTJ in Myers-Briggs so this fits perfectly with that.)
  • Crave adventure & excitement (Not in the traditional sense where I am an adrenaline junky, but in that I always need to be experiencing something new.   So now you know why I have so many Yelp reviews–because I can’t eat at the same place more than a few times and I always have to do a new activity.)
  • Actively pursues knowledge (I like to read really random things.)
  • Does not like commitment (I got married, didn’t I?)
  • Not possessive or jealous (I have been in the past but nothing like the Overly Attached Girlfriend.)
  • Entertainer & conversationalists; humor is raw truth; straightforward (Ha…ha.)
  • Likely to be running late (Never.  I’m actually a major stickler for time.)
  • Impatient/likes immediate results because projects that take too long cause boredom (I have switched job industries quite a number of times… always in search for the right one!  And yes, I know what people say about Gen Y.)

Pisces (Water Sign) – Terry

  • Extremely sensitive, loyal, and compassionate (Best part about him but it’s also really funny because I make fun of him like I did my little brother growing up.)
  • Will go out of their way to help a friend (All our friends joke that Terry should have his own moving company considering how many times he has done it both for himself and others.  They praise his moving techniques, knowledge, and efficiency.)
  • Likes adventure, new situation and social events (This is what makes our fun times really fun.)
  • Popular with all kinds of people (This makes our social events difficult because I get tired of people fast but I can confidently take Terry to ANY hangout with my circles and it works.  He can literally connect with ANYONE on ANYTHING.)
  • Creative in literature, music, and art  (Yep, all the touchy feely stuff.  That’s totally Terry.  I always ask for a card/letter on special occasions and he always says he sucks but they are some of the best letters I’ve ever read.  He’s also a great photographer and has really good taste in music especially for not having a musical background.)
  • Mysterious and elusive (Terry always asks me these existentialist questions which just makes me want to shake him vigorously out of his world.)
  • Gentle and patient (Total opposite of me.  According to Myers Briggs, he is an INFP.)
  • Operates more emotionally than rationally (Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’m afraid I may have rubbed off on him.)
  • Adapts to the surrounding environment (He has moved a lot and still has friends.)

As for whether or not we are a “love match,” there are a lot of different theories.  But you know what… we are married so I will have to feel more and Terry will have to feel less.

Sagittarius + Pisces = Love Match?

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