Tease you with some wedding

Below is our wedding teaser made by our very talented friend, Alvin Shen.  Quite the spiffy niffy.

And for those who didn’t show up or I didn’t ask to show up, here is some commentary.  It’s like you’re there and in my mind.

00:18 – All the pink was not on purpose
00:21 – Cankles?
00:28 – So excited to get dolled up!!  I like my makeup face a LOT.
00:30 – Christina Chen is the best. Hire her.
00:35 – Flower girl Taylor.  Spunky little thing.
1:00 – Terry can’t put on his own clothes?
01:12 – Look at all those freckles/moles!  I always try to make a constellation out of them.
01:32 – Get ready for funny and totally unnatural head turn!
01:38 – Mother f***ers! I told them the CREAM, not green colored umbrellas.
01:52 – Somebody give him some water.
02:02 – Etsy.com
02:15 – I cannot figure who or what made me laugh so hard.  Anybody remember?!
02:21 – A while back my coworker, Joe, made fun of how I walk.  I totally see it now.  It looks wobbly.
02:24 – I’m also talking to myself, if you can’t tell.
02:36 – Money shot. The backside of this dress is better than the front!
02:41 – I’m scared because this is my first kiss ever.
02:53 – Terry’s nose is red.  I didn’t cry because you sacrifice emotions to look great.
03:01 – Fake laughs in hella hot weather.
03:25 – I don’t know if you can tell but I’m VERY HUNGRY.
03:53 – I actually tried to throw it as hard and fast as possible without it hitting the ceiling.  Deadly huh?
03:58 – Alan Garner.
04:00 – Terry’s getting eager.
04:07 – Surprised how dirty dancing can get when you’re incognito.
04:13 – The dance they do at each other’s weddings.  Practice boys!
04:31 – Keep watching!
04:37 – “We’re going to sleep.”  C’ya.

Tease you with some wedding

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